5 reasons why your business should be using animations and motion graphics.

March 9, 2024
5 reasons why your business should be using animations and motion graphics.

Take your videos to the next level with animation and motion graphics.

Want your business or organisation to stand out in a crowded marketplace? It's never been more important to create videos which engage your audience and motivate them to act.

Lots of detailed information to get across? 🤨
Tough, difficult to understand concepts? 🤔
Struggling to keep your audiences engaged? 🥱

Incorporating animation and motion graphics can take your videos to the next level, captivating your audience and delivering your message with clarity and style.

📣 1. Attract your viewer's attention

Want to raise awareness of a new service? Explain a complicated process to your employees? Make complex information memorable?

Animation can add a huge amount of creativity to your videos, making them more engaging and watchable. Combine this with an informative, fast-moving script and a warm, professional voiceover and you've got a stylish video all set to 'wow' your audience.

Whether it's subtle animations to highlight key facts or intricate graphics to illustrate complex concepts, grab your viewer's attention and keep them hooked from start to finish.

🤗 2. Explain complicated information easily

Complex ideas or processes can be challenging to explain through traditional video alone. Whether you're explaining your products' features, demonstrating a service, or simplifying data - motion graphics and animation can communicate your message clearly and effectively.

Our expert advice when it comes to producing an animated video? Plan it carefully, keep the visuals clean and simple, and consider how movement, colour and sound could reinforce the most important parts. It's always important to balance the amount of script/voiceover with the overall duration of the animation.

Try to avoid squeezing in too much information and overwhelming the viewer. If in doubt, keep it simple!

Examples of animations and motion graphics produced by Embrace Video Ltd.

💰 3. Save time and money

On a limited budget? No problem.

Animation can be more cost-effective than filming and editing live-action footage. Because the graphics are all put together on a computer, it doesn't require expensive camera equipment, multiple crew members, travel or accommodation.

When your animation project is finished we will archive it - making it simple to update or repurpose if you change the information or have a company rebrand in the future. Our animations can be quickly and easily updated, so they can continue to be used as your business grows.

👀 4. Improve brand recognition

When we start an animation project, we'll ask for a copy of your organisation's brand guidelines. We'll make sure that our animations adhere with your bespoke colour palette, fonts and logos.

Animations are a great way to 'push' your corporate identify, making your business more memorable and improving brand awareness.

Fundamentally, the best animations are the ones that have a strong script, and that simplify complex concepts in visually engaging ways.

Examples of animations and motion graphics produced by Embrace Video.

⏱️ 5. Stand out from your competition

Do your competitors use animation? If not, it might be worth exploring whether you could use this to your advantage.

Instead of presenting your customers with lots of dry, turgid sales information - think about whether we could help you turn your difficult-to-understand concepts into an animation?

Many of our clients will often have a product, service, or key piece of information waiting to be brought to life with video. If your story is difficult to tell with filmed footage, could it be better explained with animation? If so, we can help.

Michael Wood, Managing Director of Embrace Video Ltd.

Here at Embrace Video, we're experienced at creating captivating videos that leverage the power of motion graphics and animation. We've created maps, character animations, how to guides, 3D graphics, promotional sales animations and more. Check our our portfolio of video production work.

Our talented freelance animators and graphic designers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and deliver videos that leave a lasting impact on your audience.

So, are you ready to enhance your company's video content with animation? Contact us today to learn more about our video production services and find out how we can help you create compelling content that sets you apart from your competition.

It's time to get visible with video.

In 2024, it's never been more important to make video a key part of your marketing strategy.

If you're ready to get visible with video, get in touch to find out how we could help you achieve your goals with film 🎬

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