Take your video content to the next level.

Upskill your team and learn how to plan, film and edit affordable, professional-looking video in-house.
Video has fast become one of the most effective ways for businesses and organisations to communicate their messages to their colleagues and customers.
But creative video production doesn’t come naturally to everybody, and in many cases can feel quite overwhelming.
How should I capture high quality footage?
How do I add music, graphics and captions?
How could I look less nervous on camera?
These are just some of the questions I am frequently asked by self-confessed technophobes struggling to keep pace with the smartphone video revolution.
Holding a smartphone and recording video footage

Book a smartphone
video training

Overwhelmed by video?
Develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to shoot professional-looking videos for your organisation.

💡 Develop a successful video strategy
📝  Plan, storyboard and script engaging video content
🎥  Capture professional-looking video and high quality audio
🎬  Edit footage using simple smartphone apps
😎  Get comfortable and confident on camera

Lovely clients I've had the pleasure
of helping to #GetVisibleWithVideo.

Jeff Longley
Marketing Manager
Nicola Corfield
Sales & Marketing Manager
Teaching an NHS internal communications team how to film smartphone videos.
Celebrating International Women's Day with a video training seminar for HSBC.
Teaching a lifeboat charity how to film eye-catching social video content.
Two people learning how to create social media videos on a smartphone video course

Overcome the overwhelm of video and start shooting.

I help business owners, marketing professionals and in-house sales teams learn how to produce professional-looking video content quickly, and at scale.

I'll help you develop the essential skills needed to produce professional-looking social media videos, customer testimonials, case study films and more.

I offer in-house smartphone training courses (typically delivered at your organisation's place of work), and one-day group courses for individuals (delivered at a professional training venue in Birmingham).

What will I learn?

1. Developing a creative video strategy
Identifying your audience
Defining purpose and objectives
Choosing the best video platform(s)
Developing content ideas
Style, tone, and branding
2. Planning and preparing for the shoot
The basics of video storytelling
Storyboarding and scripting
Thinking in ‘sequences’
Identifying the best filming location
Choosing how to position subjects
3. Filming professional footage using a smartphone
Resolution & frame rates explained
Introduction to focus and exposure
Shot sizes, angles and framing
Filming steady and smooth footage
Capturing good quality audio
4. Editing video using smartphone apps
Overview of the project workspace
Creating timelines and sequences
Importing and editing footage
Adding effects and graphics
Adding and mixing audio
5. Working with presenters and interviewees
Preparing interviewees for filming
Putting contributors at ease
Capturing great soundbites
Presenting with confidence
What to wear on camera
6. Review, feedback and Q&A session
Review of delegates' videos
Feedback and helpful hints/tips
Summary of key learnings
Question and answer session
Final thoughts and key takeaways

Meet your trainer.

After identifying that many businesses often struggle to create their own professional-looking video content in-house, I established the Embrace Video Academy.

My value-packed, one-day smartphone video training course is designed to help your team sharpen their video production skills and take the quality of their multimedia content to the next level.

I am an experienced broadcast television director and accomplished video producer, I have filmed and edited hundreds of hours of video content for businesses and organisations in both the public and private sectors.
Or arrange an in-house smartphone video training course for your team.

Your questions answered.

Who are your video training courses for?
My in-house training courses are aimed at marketing, communications, HR and L&D teams who would like to learn how to communicate their messages with the power of smartphone video. These are typically held at your organisation's offices or place of work.

I also run one-day group training courses for business owners, marketers and individuals interested in creating smartphone videos. These are held at various locations across the UK throughout the year.
How many people can attend the course?
My in-house smartphone video training course is typically delivered to a maximum of six delegates. This ensures that each attendee can benefit from practical, hands-on training and dedicated one-to-one feedback. I can accommodate additional attendees if required - please contact me to discuss your exact requirements.

The one-day group training courses (for individuals) are typically capped at six delegates too.
I only have one or two colleagues I'd like to send on a course.
My courses are usually delivered to small teams of approximately six individuals. However if you'd only like training for a couple of colleagues, do drop me an email or give me a call. I'm always very happy to chat trough your requirements and build a training session that works for you and your team. Please get in touch to let me know what you have in mind.
How long is the course?
Most of my courses typically begin at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm with several refreshment breaks and a 30 minute lunch break. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and I will be happy to tailor a course to suit your exact needs.
Where is the course held?
In-house smartphone video training courses are typically delivered at your own premises or at a location of your choice (e.g. a hotel or conference centre). Travel and overnight accommodation expenses may apply. Please contact me to discuss your exact requirements.

My one-day group training courses (for individuals) are held at various venues across the West Midlands.
Who delivers the video training?
Michael Wood is an accomplished television director with more than 13 years' experience working for the BBC and ITV. He has also produced, filmed and edited a range of corporate video content for businesses and organisations in both the public and private sectors.
How much does it cost?
My in-house smartphone video training courses cost £1,495.00 for up to six delegates. I can accommodate more attendees at an additional cost per head if required. I offer charities and not-for-profit organisations a 20% discount off my corporate rates.

Travel and overnight accommodation expenses are charged separately, depending on where the training course will be held. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and I will be happy to provide you with an exact proposal for your consideration.

My one-day group training courses are delivered throughout the year at a variety of locations across the UK. Individual tickets cost £249.00 per delegate. All of my upcoming group training sessions are listed on Eventbrite.
Do I need to provide any equipment?
All delegates will be asked to download the KineMaster video editing app onto their Apple or Android smartphone ahead of the training session, and bring their fully-charged device with them on the day. For in-house courses delivered at a business or organisation's own place of work, a projector/monitor with HDMI connectivity is required to display a short PowerPoint slide deck.
I'm a complete novice when it comes to video. Is that OK?
My smartphone video training courses are all about giving you the skills, knowledge and confidence to create great-looking video content using just your mobile phones. Many delegates will often have no filming, editing or presenting experience. It doesn't matter whether you're very experienced or a complete novice. My friendly, enjoyable video training courses are suitable for everyone.

You can watch some testimonials from recent video training course attendees here.
Do you provide any support after the training course?
I am always very happy to answer any questions or queries from delegates after completion of my courses, usually via email. I can also act as a ‘critical friend’ where required, providing constructive feedback, tips and advice on video content that your team has produced after the course.

If you have attended one of my video courses in the past and would like to ask me a question, drop me a line via my contact page.
Who have you delivered the course to in the past?
I take immense pride in having helped more than 20 organisations kickstart their video marketing efforts since launching Embrace Video in 2022.

I have delivered video training to a global hotel chain, an insurance broker and wealth management company, a football club, an award-winning food brand, an international bank and two national charities.