YMCA Burton

Showcasing the life-changing work of YMCA Burton with a powerful promotional video.
Chief Executive of YMCA Burton

The brief.

YMCA Burton provides help and support to homeless people across the Staffordshire area.

As well as offering more than 70 accommodation units in Burton, the YMCA also supports members of the community with independent living skills, counselling, and a food bank.

I created a promotional video to help shine a spotlight on the YMCA’s amazing work, and to encourage people to support the charity.
The YMCA logo on the outside of the YMCA Burton building

The solution.

I began by meeting members of the YMCA’s fundraising and communications team to develop a strategic plan for the video.

Together, we created a guide script, identified a suitable filming date and developed a proposed shooting schedule.

I captured interviews with staff and residents as well as a variety of cutaway footage using my professional Sony FX3 cinema camera, and industry-standard sound and lighting equipment.
A YMCA volunteer placing products on the shelf of a food bank

The result.

An exterior shot of the YMCA Burton building
"Michael had a great way with our interviewees who felt really comfortable in telling their stories on camera. The end result was stunning and made every one who watched it cry."

The process.

I liaised with YMCA Burton's fundraising and communications teams to develop a video script which reflected all of the charity’s key messages.
I shot the whole video in one day across two different sites in Burton. I created a shooting schedule ahead of filming to ensure that we captured of all of the required elements.
The promotional video was edited using Adobe Premiere Pro and shared with the YMCA Burton Team via an online video-sharing platform.
The finished video was delivered in a web-ready HD format so that YMCA Burton could upload it to their website and social media channels as required.
YMCA Burton's Fundraising & Partnership's Manager
Our simple, straightforward, stress-free video production process explained.