TKF Training

Helping one of the UK's leading chainsaw training providers win more clients.
Chainsaw cutting through log

The brief.

In a quiet, secluded part of the beautiful Holmfirth countryside, the distant sound of chainsaws and falling trees rings out. It's this impressive 350 acre site that is the jewel in TKF's crown.

Working with some of the UK's major utility companies, local authorities and private clients alike, TKF offers a complete one-stop-shop for high quality and fully accredited chainsaw and land management training courses.

I was asked to create a video that would capture the attention of prospective trainees at careers fairs and encourage them to find out more.
Instructor demonstrating safety chainsaw equipment

The solution.

I decided to shoot the video as a 'journey' around TKF's working forest.

The filming took over a week to complete, as there were so many shots to gather - from the closeups of chainsaws cutting into bark, to trees being felled, tractors dragging the logs away and 4x4s splashing through puddles!

For the tree-felling shots, we filmed impressive high-angle wide shots with a drone and used mini GoPro cameras strategically placed at ground level to capture the 'crashes' as the trees landed. All of the filming was carefully risk-assessed and carried out safely.
Videographer carrying a video camera

The result.

The process.

I visited TKF Training's forest ahead of filming to find out more about the company and to understand the video's purpose and intended audience.
We filmed in all weather conditions to capture every shot we needed - from thick fog, to heavy rain, to glorious sunshine.
The video was professionally edited and colour graded. A high-impact music track was selected to give the video a dramatic and exciting feel.
As well as being used at career fairs as intended, the finished HD video now has pride of place on TKF's homepage and social media sites too.
Instructor teaching a group of chainsaw course delegates
Our simple, straightforward, stress-free video production process explained.