LEJoG Sisters

Helping to raise money for a children's cancer charity.

The brief.

Could you cycle 1,000 miles from Land's End to John O'Groats?

That's exactly what Dawn and Sharon (aka LEJoG Sisters) will be doing over 21 gruelling days in May 2023.

Why? To raise £22,000 for charity.

Dawn sadly lost her son Christopher to a brain tumour when he was just six years old.

Since 2015, these inspirational sisters have been fundraising for Children with Cancer UK to help other families in similar situations.

The solution.

As soon as I heard Dawn's heartbreaking story, I knew I wanted to help.

I volunteered to create a short fundraising video to raise awareness of their epic challenge and encourage people to donate.

We filmed an interview at Dawn's home, and then took the sisters out on their bikes to capture some beautiful cycling footage.

The result.

"Michael's approach was thoughtful and considered. Our story was in his hands and the outcome is amazing. It has made such a difference to our campaign".
Dawn Stakounis

The process.

I loosely scripted the video in advance, but encouraged Dawn and Sharon to answer my questions in their own words so that their responses would be completely natural.
We filmed the video in just one day across multiple locations. Given the sensitivity of the subject, I regularly checked that Dawn and Sharon were both comfortable with how the filming was going.
The video was edited across two days and a first draft shared with Dawn and Sharon for their approval. Thankfully they really liked the first cut, so no changes had to be made.
The final video was made available in a web-ready HD format for the sisters' fundraising website. I also created a shorter cut-down version for their Facebook and Twitter pages.
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