Helping a Microsoft digital transformation and IT recruitment company learn how to create professional-looking smartphone videos.

The brief.

Crimson is a Microsoft digital transformation consultancy and IT recruitment company based in Birmingham.

The company wanted to up-skill its in-house marketing team so that they could film and edit professional-looking videos using just their smartphones.

I was asked to help Crimson's talented marketing teams to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to tell their stories with video.

The solution.

Crimson's marketing team were encouraged to consider who their target audiences were, where they wanted to use video content, and how to successfully build video production into their marketing strategy.

The group were taught how to film professional-looking video footage using their smartphones and how to capture high quality audio using inexpensive audio accessories.

The delegates also learned how to edit video footage using quick, simple smartphone editing apps. They were shown how to splice footage together, add music, create captions and export finished videos to the web.
"We picked up great tips on how to elevate our video content. We now feel much more confident in filming and editing videos that stand out from the rest."
Ready to up-skill your in-house team?
It's time to #GetVisibleWithVideo.