BARD Pharmaceuticals

Helping a pharmaceutical giant change workplace culture around data integrity.

The brief.

Cambridge-based BARD Pharmaceuticals manufactures, packs and supplies pain relief medicines to over 40 countries around the world.
The way its staff create, manage and store data has direct implications for the quality of the products it makes and the safety of the patients who use them.

I was asked to develop a suite of internal training videos to communicate the importance of data integrity to colleagues across the organisation.

The solution.

I began by meeting senior members of the BARD team and was invited for a tour of their impressive facility at Cambridge Science Park.

After determining the purpose, target audience and key messaging, I set to work preparing a storyboard and script for the department leads to review.

Our experienced camera crew spent three days capturing footage from right across the site. We then edited the final films, adding motion graphics, animation and a professionally-recorded voiceover.

The video now forms a core part of the company's staff training, with their learning content now being delivered in a powerful, accessible and engaging way.

The result.

The solution.

Due to commercial restrictions, we are unable to share the finished training films here.

However, here is a short 'factory tour' which we created using some of the footage captured for the original project - a good example of how we are able to repurpose content to achieve maximum value for our clients.
"Our deadline was extremely tight but Michael produced a jaw-dropping video which has been welcomed from all levels. We are delighted with the outcome."

The process.

I storyboarded the whole video in advance so that the film crew knew exactly what shots we had to capture and how they needed to be framed.
We shot the video at BARD's production facility in Cambridge. We flew a drone over the site to capture impressive aerial views.
Videos were enhanced with music, motion graphics, animation, and a professional voiceover.
The finished videos were delivered in a web-ready HD format to the client for use as part of their internal training resources.
Our simple, straightforward, stress-free video production process explained.