Atlantic Pacific

Teaching a lifeboat charity how to produce eye-catching social video content.

The brief.

Atlantic Pacific is an NGO with a simple vision; to combat global drowning.

It provides lifeboats and trained crew to areas of need and promotes education in sea safety.

I was asked to deliver a one-day smartphone video training course and help members of its team learn how to tell inspirational stories through the power of video.

The solution.

We began the day by talking about strategy. I encouraged the group to consider the charity’s target audience, key objectives and reasons for wanting to use video.

Next, we discussed the importance of storytelling in video production. The group learned how to storyboard and structure a video in order to deliver messages with impact.

Then it was time to get practical. The group were shown how to film professional looking video footage using their smartphones plus a range of inexpensive accessories. We also discussed how to capture good quality audio- something often forgotten about with online video production.
"Slick, professional and friendly, Michael made a really positive impact on our team and left us feeling significantly more confident about using mobiles to make films for our charity."
Atlantic Pacific
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